Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Who Are You?!

It drives me crazy, some I can figure out but others, I'm like hmmm who is that, I'm speaking about the 'Live Traffic Feed' that is on my blog and some of our blogs. I see addresses (and flags)from all over America, Canada and Trinidad and sometimes the U.K and i wonder what do they think about my blog?

Then i get kind of pissed because they visit, have a good read and never even say 'Hi!!' you know a blog is not easy to do, it takes time and effort and while I get much enjoyment from it i do it for the enjoyment of others. And a blogging girl cannot get enough love.

Just from my visitor counter alone, I can see there is some traffic on my blog but where is the evidence? Hmph! None!! I cant help it I am really really curious as to who is reading my blog!!

I gave a classmate of mine my blog address and as soon as I did, I felt a form of regret, I mean Trinidad is a small island and how much of my business do I want people to know? Not to mention I see a Trinidad visitor on the blog regularly, and yet no comment from someone from Trinidad! (except my sister and i know when they comment!) So that tells me she is reading and just going 'oh' and 'hmm' and just leaving my damn blog without saying a word! Just rude I say!!

Which brings me to my next point, I don't feel obligated to comment on some one's blog that I visited, but as a blogger I can speak from a blogger's point of view, and also I put myself out there, (by the way we are a very brave bunch) because our blogs and profiles are really open and honest. But i digress (not that I had any main burning point), but I always comment on other persons blog because I love reading blogs just as much as love writing, not to mention eventually I will have to stop rambling on about my visits from frogs and birds and speak about other stuff like Becky did. Which I think is OK because we are all friends here and because I REALLY enjoy sharing with all of you and your opinions matter to me a lot.

So at the end of the day ( or blog) I still welcome all visitors to my blog with open arms, feel free, look around, I do hope that my little silly blog brings a smile to your face and even though I would love to hear from you, because I love meeting new people, I am very thankful for the folks who actually leave a comment and let me feel the love!!

(Raquel was last seen with a globe and a magnifying glass)


Bridget said...

What no comments? Either I'm the first or you haven't posted the other's yet. I feel your pain. We do put a lot of effort into these things and it would be nice if folks would at least leave a short message saying hi! So here is a not so short message, HI!

damnemptynester said...

great blog as usual.
you take this blogging thing real serious
i guess i will be there soon but not yet
or am i. I have checked my blog quite a few times for the day as a matter of fact I think i will go check now

Raxx - A day in the life said...

LOL!! Thanks bridget you're such a sweetie!

Penny said...

Look at you Raquel. I want to say right off how beautiful you look tonite. You're always cute in your photos, but the new pic you have up is just darling.

I got a chuckle from your last sentence about the magnifying glass! I know what you mean about not knowing who's visiting. On myspace you can block people unless they're preapproved. I think I have the google setting on private from surfers, but they say no guarantee. Hey, we're all open arms anyway!

Thanks for your blog. It's exciting for me to know someone so awesome in Trinidad! I wish I could say I've been there. Like you, I really am enjoying blogging and forming these new friendships. It's very cool when you think about it.

Oh yea, I've given my blog address to a couple of my friends and they don't leave comments, but they email me comments. They say they don't know how to leave one.
They say, "what comments"? They don't even know how to open the comments! Gee whiz, are all my friends t h a t dumb? I guess I had a rough time with the photos so I gotta love them anyway.

Thanks for sharing the love. Love you back!


Justine said...

Well at least I know I'm one of those that visits and leaves comments! I'm the one on your tracker from Saint Augustine, FL, just so you know it's me when I swing on by. And now if I do and don't comment for whatever reason, you can come to my blog and blast me!

Justine :o )

Justine said...

Btw... I can't get my very own family members to leave me a message, and I know that they've been visiting thanks to that tracker!

Justine :o )

French said...

I feel your pain my mother is guilty of visiting and never commenting likes it difficult? Oh well, yes I should have introduced myself although most from RMS know me as frenchkilt aka French~~my real name is Lisa;) and I too am fighting 40 every inch of the way!

Bridget said...

I just noticed your new photo on Buffie's page and had to come tell you how beautiful you look!

Kathy said...

Hi, Saw your blog over at Gollum's and just had to come and say hello, I have had hit's from the US, Canada, OZ, Sweden and Trinidad and Tobago, you are right it does take a lot of work, I use my blog as a sort of diary jotting down my thoughts, fave photo's etc and feel a bit nervous about the fact that anyone can peek at it, it is always nice when people leave comments, I am off the read your other posts now, nice to meet you raxx, Kathy.

Braincoral said...

you are such a comment troll! This post is specifically to beg for comments and thats just sad! LOL! OOh I am just jealous bcos I get no comments, no visitors and I don't know how to change that,...sniff! Blog on Girl and your new pic is darling, awwww! I gave ann marie your blog-ddress and empty nesters too! She can't wait to visit.

Tootsie said...

howdy~!!!! I and Mrs Ben are the canadian flags! I comment when you post..and i feel very much the same way you do!

Raxx - A day in the life said...


Buffie said...

{{{{{sendin' the love your way}}}}} from all us other blogger girls!

Lisa said...

I would hate for you to see me drop by and not introduce myself! HEHEHE. So.... hi from South West Florida. Great blog :)

Life on Bonnie Lane said...

Hey, I'll comment! I'll even tell you where I'm from, lol. The blog tracking thing keeps saying I am from Johnstown, Ohio, but I don't even know where that is. I live in the northwest corner of Ohio, which is a state in the northern midwest section of the USA. Ohio is just below Lake Erie, one of the Great Lakes. It's summer now and I love it, but the winter can bring a lot of snow and cold temperatures! I always enjoy reading your blog and have added you to my favorites list. I have your site listed as Fighting Fabulous Forty, or would you like it listed as something else?


SchmeckyGirl said...

LMAO! You are too funny! I wonder the same thing. Do all the people that visit read my blog or just my profile? Do people I know from RMS that don't like me visit and read my blog anyway and not comment? LOL! Not that I care, but it's nice to know people are reading what you write.

I always leave a comment unless it's a horrible blog. Well usually I do... but when I'm really busy and just trying to catch up on blogs I don't always. But I feel your pain. Thanks for always leaving a comment when you visit. I always enjoy reading them.

That's funny you mentioned me. I wonder what I would blog about if I knew for sure no one I know would read it. I know my sister reads it so I can't complain about her. LOL!

Tismee2 said...

Thanks for surfing into my blog and for your comments.

I always try and leave a comment but I have found that on some posts - the ones that are very opinionated or the ones I find too intellectual (!)I just have nothing I want to say.

E.g. I read a lot of US blogs and if a post is about their presidential goings on, Then I couldn't care less. So I just leave it or say hello.

Off to dig into your archives - I love reading about other countries and I think you are the first from Trinidad. Thank You!