Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Feliz Navidad

Christmas is over, the new year is here! What better time to share my sparsely decorated home! I wanted to do so much for Christmas! Then I rememberd my budget so, instead of getting all depressed i sucked it up and used what I had! I want to share a few pics of my humble abode at Christmas time, and my super bright house exterior as well, so here goes,

this first pic has nothing to do with my home or this blog, i put it in simply to ann0y,.................................... moving on

This is the view as you enter my front door from the porch, the mirror i got this year and the large vase, my tree is still in need of ornaments but those are all I got!

Look to your left and there's my dining room, Christmas decor is limited to the table, I like my white chair covers, although they look super-white here, they are actually cream.

a close up of my dining center piece, I cleared the top of my hutch after I took the pics but was waaay to lazy to retake the photos

Ok I took another pic after I cleared it (see?, I'm not THAT lazy!)Here I am heading over to my sister's house for lunch on Boxing day!

and now as promised, get your sunglasses ready

here it comes!

the bright

super bright

brightest house on the block!

So it' s a new year today! are your Christmas decorations still up? Mine is, we celebrate waaay until the 6th of Jan, so as we say Feliz Navidad!


Gail (you know Gail, the chick from England) was wondering what were the colorful items at the top shelf of the hutch in my dining room, so I took them out and placed them on the dining table, they are patio glasses I bought about two years ago and never used! so I'm going to start using them, I bought a cute patio table and chairs and I'll place them there and have a drink with the family soon!

Here's three of them on another table in the living room

So now you know Gail! lol!!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all my friends in Blogland!

This was not the easiest of years for me, and blogging has helped me to forget my whatever I am going through at the moment. I look foward to another year of sharing laughs, tears, and joy with all my blogging buddies!

I love you all!!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

LOOK OUT!! SHE'S GOT A (staple) GUN!!

Oh Yeah! I'm lockin' and loadin'! I'm packin' some heat! I'm a lady on a mission!!............................... ok, I'm just a wannabe upholsterer but, I have to say I'm dang proud of my chairs, so much so that I went on to the kitchen chairs which is where we have all our meals, these chairs were bought white, or cream and thanks to Gabby and Isey now they are a dirty brown!

So I got me some more fabric and got my 38 magnum staple gun and got to work! Practice really does make perfect!

This pic is the before and after, the green is the new fabric and that dirty chair on the right is the before, I'm too embarrassed to show you the entire chair (what the hell? I just posted and the pics aren't even in yet!) anyway on with the post,

This is the remaining fabric and the covered chair, 3 more to go!

here is a closeup of my handiwork!

This is fun! I'm off to do the others and find more stuff to staple!!

Here's an update on the dining chairs, I see improvement from the first one I did, do you? It was all because of your encouraging words, believe me!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Should I continue?

Hi all!! My exams are over and it's the usual back-breaking Christmas rush for me, thank you all sooo much for your encouragement during my assignments and exams, I did my best and I hope for the best. Now it's time for my favorite time of the year, we've painted the entire exterior, I was too busy to help choose the color so I entrusted the hubby with it, and boy! did he ever go bright! Ah well, at least it's nice and clean, but ever so bright! I'll show you guys in a later post when the scaffolding and paint cans are cleared away.

That aside, there are a few projects that I decided to undertake at this 99th hour, one is to cover my dining room chairs and hang a chandileer, I decided that I've seen chairs covered a million times on HGTV and it looked simple enough, so yesterday I went over and got me some fabric, I wanted an almost white color to contrast with my dark dining set, because the fabric I bought it with is dark and now it just looks dreary to me.

So today armed with my trusty staple gun and scissors I set about covering my chairs, this is the first one, I am not blown away by my efforts and I feel the need to run to an upholsterer and have him finish the job, what do you think? The chair on the left is the original covering, and the white is what I did today

Above is a close up of my handiwork that is clearly not so handy!

So, should I continue?

Friday, December 12, 2008

HGTV Strikes back!!

Hi guys, i took a break and clicked on RMS, and there were some major changes to the website, each account now is like a mini blog! Of course with the changes I lost my account, but hey that's the price of progress! lol!!

It seems to me that they have noticed the massive exodus by RMSers to blogland, and decided to try to entice us back!

Anywho, if you guys have time check them out, you can post your pic when you comment and other features.

This is a quickie post, I promise to catch up on all blogs that I missed soon!

Love and miss you guys!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

And right before Christmas too!

I have the house to clean, gifts to buy, curtains to hang, Christmas tree to put up and decorate, kitchen chairs to recover, pillows to buy, house to decorate, and in the middle of it, end of semester exams. And all this is getting in the way of my blogging! Something's gotta give, so I'm quitting school. Well not really, but I have to ............................... can I say it? I have to.................................. oh dear! Well just for a little while I will not be able to....................................... blog! My exams are on the 15th of December and I really have to hunker down and cram!

What ever free time I have will be spent house cleaning and maybe some minimal decorating, of course I will be blurking from time to time, so dont be suprised if you see my red, black and white flag on your blog from time to time.

But school is expensive and a great financial sacrifice on my part, so I gotta pass these stinking exams. Why the hell did I go back to school anyway. But at the end of this year I will be halfway there.

So see you guys in ten days, I'll miss you all so much, I'll check my email often and I may even reward myself if my studies go well with 10mins of blogging time ever so often.

Until then, Season's Greetings to one and all in blogland!!!!!!!!