Tuesday, June 17, 2008

This one's for the birds...........

Some persons who read my blog yesterday emailed me and asked for more information on my froggy episode, like

"How afraid was Isaiah of the frog?"


"Where was Gabby (my 3yr old) through all the commotion?"

I purposely did not mention her in the blog because.........................well....................I was ashamed of myself!!

You see Gabby was there from beginning to end but she was TOTALLY unaffected by the frog's presence . Now anyone who has been around Gabby knows how much she likes to sing and hum, and I tell you that girl sang and hummed oblivious to the fact that her mother was gripped on fear and terror.

So while I was standing on the chair, Gabby is there walking calmly through the house, stepping over the frog when needed and generally going about her business.

I give myself some credit though, for resisting the urge to scream upon seeing the frog for the first time, you see Kieth always expresses his concern over me "passing on my fear of 'harmless creatures' on the children". I cant help it if birds and frogs scare the daylight out of me!

An almost exact scenario was played out when a bird flew into my kitchen, about a month ago, It was about 8am and I went into the kitchen to start breakfast. The bird flew in from the space where the wall meets the roof, my house is just built that way! The dumb bird must have smelled the bananas and wanted a snack, and then seeing the bay window in my kitchen thought that that was the way out, landed on the window sill and stayed there! Every now and then it would attempt to fly through the closed window. There is NO sound more scary than a trapped and panicked bird flapping his wings violently. My throat goes dry and I just know I have to get out of there!!

So, true to form I gathered my children, headed for the porch and closed my front door, needless to say Kieth was not at home, no surprise there!

Anyway my neighbor Mike passed by and I told him of my predicament, and he was so understanding, he went in the house, I did not follow of course i just stood at the front door and told him where the bird was I heard him commenting

"Oh it's just a little brown dove!"

I'm thinking it might as well have been a bald eagle!

He opened the bay window and the bird flew out, why cant the birds just leave the way they came in!? Do I need to put up an exit sign for them?

Of course Miss Gabby is in tears at this time because 'her friend bird' is gone and she wanted to play with him!

This is where the pesky bird came in!!

See? My little guy IS brave!!


Braincoral said...

Girrrl, thats sooo cute! I knew she wouldn't be afraid! Thats great. Keith is right! But of course you know I feel the same way about frogs and birds. I had little lizards in my shower all the time in Curacao and could not take a shower unless it was removed. Why are we sooo lame???

Braincoral said...

double LOl at the bald eagle!

Tootsie said...

don't you wish we were as brave and trusting as our kids? I love the story! Laughed at the bald eagle too....I grew up on an exotic bird farm....so birds are not such an issue....although I would not want a wild one in my house!
Oh and my kids....they think my fear of mice is hilarious. They keep asking for a gerbil or something like that....NOT A CHANCE IN H3LL!

Justine (Justwaaaa) said...

Holy crap, what is that? An iguana? At fist I thought it was a giant frog, but then looking at it decided on lizard. You're so lucky you have all those cool critters around! I know you don't FEEL lucky, but you are! And about your house. IF it's open like that I'm assuming no a/c? Ick! How do you survive the heat? And, don't all kinds of skeeters get in? Bats?

Poor little birdie was more scared than you were, I bet! You run away from the critters, I run after them!

Justine :o )

Penny said...

I ate some fried Iguana in Mexico about 25 years ago. What can I say? We were on a hike, there were these 2 boys cooking it up in the outdoors in a cast iron skillet over some firewood, so we tried it. Tasted like chicken. LOL That pic of your boy with the iquana is so darn cute. I bet it's framed! Catch ya later, Penny

Penny said...

PS Forty IS Fabulous. Fifty is Nifty. hahahaha

Buffie said...

OMG!!! You crack me up!!!! That was hilarious! HAHAHAHAHAHA!

Of course I laugh, I'm afraid of worms! LOL!

Deb said...

Hi Raxx's this is hilarious, I was browsing your post and intended to leave a comment to your latest but left it at your garden post. I don't know if you check the old ones so I thought I should come here too. Anyway I really enjoyed your posts I read them all. Deb

Anonymous said...

birds fly into my house all the time I just open front and back door and let them come to their senses in their own time.once a bird spent a whole day in the house.I sometimes forget they are there. I am afraid of different things. real scarry things like wet teddy bears, manequins or the mind boggling room full of stuffed toys
your sis
empty nester

Anonymous said...
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SweetAnnee said...

Oh my gosh..that is a huge lizard..
and what a brave young man to make friends with it!