Sunday, June 29, 2008

Keep on trucking?

My hubby bought a new pickup truck about two months ago which he looooves! You know how men feel about their trucks and all! It was something he has been dreaming of owning for a long time. And finally it was his! We go out driving for no particular reason in it and have a heap of fun. I drive a car and I am perfectly comfortable doing so, big vehicles scare me.

This is what it actually looks like

As it turns out my hubby has to undergo knee surgery in the near future and he began hinting that I may have to drive the truck for a while because the truck is 'gears' or 'stick shift'. And because of the whole clutch thing you need two feet to drive!When I received my driver's permit almost twenty years ago I drove stick but since then I stuck to the comfort of automatic vehicles because its just easier and heck this is the 21st century who the hell wants to manually change gears!!

Well apparently some men do, and some weirdo women who feel you re not a 'driver' unless you drive a manual vehicle. So these days when we go out he hops into the front passenger seat and says

'drive because the surgery is coming up and you need the practice'

Well it is a brand new vehicle and I kindah like the looks i get from men while driving it, (no not that look) i mean the respect that a 5'2 woman can handle a truck! So I hop in the driver's seat.

Today was no exception, we were off to the supermarket which is a family affair all the time, we take 2 trolleys a regular one and one with a ride on car for Miss Gabby which keeps her happy. I drive to the grocery, all the while on the highway feeling very proud of myself, glancing over at the hubby he does not look too relaxed but he is not hovering so I do my thing. I even manage to overtake a vehicle or two! I start thinking 'hey I could do this on a semi permanent basis!!' I start to really love the truck too! I mean it really is cute and sooo roomy, and why not drive it, heck I look cute behind the wheel!

We get to the parking lot and there is construction going on so most of the parking lot is closed off, and the normally one way parking area is two-way, so the going is difficult. This is where I should have handed over the keys to hubby and let him drive and find us a parking spot, but I have been in millions of tight spots with my car before and came out of it incident free, because I am actually an excellent driver, just not a truck driver.

Any-who I finally find a spot i was comfortable with away from the congestion, no chance of hitting another car, I just did not look out for the damn pole!! I backed straight into it!! I could have sworn i hit the tyres but no!! Horrors! It was the bumper!!

Well he was crushed, of course he did not quarrel with me because it was an accident and also we know better than to argue over that type of incident. But BOOOOY I could see how disappointed he was, I felt like total crap!! Regretting ever driving that big, stupid truck! I still feel like crap actually! I hit my car before, but this felt somehow worse.

As I type this tonight I realise that even though he did not make a fuss, he did not say, 'you know it's OK worse could have happened' because worse does happen, in fact as I drove onto the highway we saw a 3 car accident, (no injuries) but the cars were beat up very bad.

I guess I should be grateful that no fuss was made, my sisters always tell me that I am a spoiled brat, I mean I did damage the vehicle, but I guess my head is sometimes filled with 'perfect world scenarios' where he would actually say it's OK.

By the time we finished making the groceries we were all singing happily on the way to the 'all you can eat restaurant' because making groceries and cooking on the same day is a no-no, the bumper incident forgotten or put off for now, besides. while in the grocery he made an appointment with his car repair guy, so I guess that made him feel better.

But for now I'll stick to my fabulous car and he will just call a darn cab after knee surgery!!


Bridget said...

Oh Raxx, You poor thing! It is okay...okay for both of you. It is okay that it happened, these things DO happen and it is okay for him to sulk about it a bit. Men tend to become quite attached to their vehicles. My daughter did a boo boo on my car once and she was sure I was going to jump down her throat about it but i didn't but I also wasn't quite up to not being a little sad about it. It's not like you were being careless.
Best of luck with the knee surgery, I just had mine a week ago. I'm not even driving at all yet. I may have to switch cars with my husband because my car is too small to get in and out of easily.

Tootsie said...

hey! weirdo woman with a standard transmission here! mustang is a stick and hubby's truck used to be. My truck right now is an automatic and I must admit it is a lot easier to drive....but hey! who says simple is better! lol\

you are very lucky he did not throw a "manturm"! you are spoiled!

damnemptynester said...

yes tootsie, you are right, she is spoiled. It comes from being the last child, almost.
so you bounced the truck, no wonder you were in such a foul mood yesterday.that sucks

French said...

Ahh so sorry about the truck but thank goodness it can be fixed right? Shit happens, and this too shall pass! At least you can drive stick I never have (sigh) I am a chicken! French;)

Justine said...

Oh Raquel, it's not THAT big. In fact, I would think driving a pickup would be that much easier because there are NO blind spots. But you've shattered that theory by hitting a damn POLE! For three years I drove around in a monster of a vehicle (Toyota Sequoia) and loved every minute of it. Now I'm in a much smaller SUV, but love it even more. I can't stand driving a car. I feel like I'm sitting on the road. And girl, what the hell is a trolley? A trolley is something you ride on to get from point A to point B. The thing you push around the grocery store is a shopping CART. heeheeheeeeeeeee! You weird islanders!
And how did you go out to dinner with the food sitting in the truck? Didn't everything melt?

Justine :o )

Raxx - A day in the life said...

ROTFLAMO Justine!!
ok fine!! a cart! heesh, I would love to own an SUV! I have my eyes on a few!

Oh and we loaded the groceries in the front and back seats and then put most of them back after we ate! hee hee!

braincoral said...

awwww, you poor thing! Thats small thing yes, I am sure everything will be alright. great post though! Darn potholes in the mall car park???

artis1111 said...

Raxx, you are about as bad as I am. I was learning to drive in a vw bug. I started to pull acrossto the other side. This car passed and It started rolling. The other car was a cop. I almost backed into a cop. I didn't even have a permit. Oh Yea ! I got a ticket Heeee.LOL> Kathy

Picket said...

Hello off I am thankful you two are could have been worse..and then let me say double wow!!! You could not pay me to drive a stick shift!!! I am way to much of a chicken for dad tried to teach me as a teenager and we just came with tears running down my face and dad with heart papulations and a headache!!! lol lol I want to say thanks for coming by to visit my blog and for that sweet comment..please come back anytime...take care and have a great evening!!!!

SchmeckyGirl said...

Wait a minute!!! That's the pic you posted of your daughter on RMS for me!??!?! I thought that was you, but you never answered when I asked! Duh me.

Aw. Sorry about the truck. I didn't start driving until I was 30 and moved out of the city. We got our new SUV and I banged it up right away. Horrible. I still feel bad about it.

Glad hubby took it well.

Bridget said...

Thank you for taking the time to view my daughter's video. She is quite obsessed with makeup lately. I can really see those colors on you. I too have always used the little pads to apply my shadow but recently started using brushes and they make a big difference. It is so much easier with brushes.

Bridget said...

I don't know why Justine is calling it a shopping cart1 Everyone else in Florida calls them shopping buggies. I guess it is her northern upbringing still shining through. BTW, I call it a cart too but I am a northerner.

Raxx - A day in the life said...

Soooo, no one calls them trollys??!! LOL!!

ann Marie said...

Well since everyone else is commenting.What a fantastic writer you've turned out to be, great reading. welcome to the world of trucks, good for you, tell keith to deal with it. They're calling you Raxx how funny.

Braincoral said...

Yeah, my friend said you are very cute and she loved the post about leaving comments and don't be mad but she did not leave a comment. sigh.

Shelia said...

Oh poor sweetie! I'm so sorry for your little incident! But you're so right, it could have been worse. I've had little incidents too and they do make you feel horrible. You know what? I couldn't drive a standard if my life depended on it! I'm a cryer... Well, I'm sure all will be fine and hubby's truck will be brand new soon. Hope he does well with his surgery. Oh, by the way - I call my 33 year old daughter "Gabby"! Be a sweetie! Shelia :)

Life on Bonnie Lane said...

I remember when my mother tried to learn how to drive a stick. She burned out the clutch. She never entirely got the hang of it, but I later inherited that car and learned it pretty well.

Ouchies on the truck hitting the pole! Hey, these things happen!

Hope he does okay with the surgery.


Shelia said...

Good mornin' Cutie!! Glad to see you today. Yum, yes I love the corn too! I didn't even know you could grow corn in the Carribean. One thing I do know your sea is the most beautiful water I've ever seen! Be a sweetie today and hope your little bumpy incident is all better now!
Be a sweetie,Shelia :)

Buffie said...

I absolutlely refuse to drive Mike Dodge Ram because I'm scared to death of doing just what you did! I guess a woman should never get between a man and his pickup! LOL!

Scooterblu's Whimsy said...

Hi Raxx, I saw your comment over at Joanne's, and decided to stop in for a visit! Love your blog! I was on RMS during Feb and March, but couldn't take the drama and my skin is too thin for the negativity! I can take criticism, but give me feedback on how to improve, not just slam me! I like blogging much better! ...and I am not rated! LOL! I read your post on the lurkers that stop by, but don't leave comments! I'm with you on this one! I finally put a counter on my blog last week, and in two days, had over 200 visitors and less than 20 comments! Kind of freaks me out a little! ...kind of like stalking! LOL!

Your kids are just precious! Love the picture of your daughter at the beach! Too cute!

Hope your husband does well with his surgery. My 9 year old son broke his arm Sunday, so we are set for surgery in the morning at 6. I should be in bed, but I am too restless to sleep! Nerves of a mama!

Enjoyed my visit, come by if you get a chance sometime! ~Rhonda ;)

Penny said...

Get a piece of white duck tape and a magic marker and write "Wife Did It" on it and place on dent. That will make him feel better. LOL
He didn't get all upset at you because you felt bad enough.

We call them carts in Atlanta. I've heard of buggy, but never ever trolley. Cool, trolley it will be.

Shelia said...

Good morning Raxx! Well, you just come on over and I'll teach you how to embroider!

Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Penny said...

I just noticed the most adorable pictures of your kids! My two faves are your boy in the firefighter hat, and your girl in that PRECIOUS easter outfit. What a sweet hat! She's soooooooooooooooo cute!

Justine said...

Hi Raquel! Linking is really easy. As you're typing your text, just write what you want to be "clickable", like "Justine's froggy bloggy", then highlight that one piece of text. Next, click on the little frog-faced guy and it will bring up a box for you to type in that person's web address. "" Hit save, and you're done!

Justine :o )