Friday, January 30, 2009

Views from my office window

My office is, in a word AWESOME!! it's on the waterfront and the views are fantastic! I wanted to share some with you all today.

I feel so blessed to be employed again, in this economy, yes, we are hit by the worldwide recession too. Did I mention I am getting paid the highest salary I have ever worked for, during the interview I was asked my salary expectations, to an interviewee that is the question that always throw me for a loop! I somehow never expect it, yet it always comes, well this time I asked for what I thought I deserved, I gave two figures that were $3000.00 apart, and I got paid right smack in the middle! I feel quite pleased with myself!
It's back to school for me tomorrow! I am already more than halfway through my 3 year degree program! And believe me it has opened doors for me already! Of course I put it on my resume, and it has helped with closing the deal for me.
Any way, on to the views!
These pics were taken looking out the massive picture windows in my office, and what's even nicer is the lunch room has the best views, and all the tables are placed in a vantage point to enjoy it while having your lunch. None of these pics are from the lunch room however, they are all from my work space.

the ocean view, that round thingy is a beautiful fountain that is still being worked on, I'll be sure to post pics when it is complete.

mountain view, not too clear, sorry, but you get the idea

another view of the ocean and the little boats, this is in the our capital city

a view of the walk and the boats in the ocean

another view of a neighboring building and the ocean again

a street side view! You should see this same street at 4pm! bumper to bumper traffic!

more construction

The ladies bathroom and some diva shots! Dint tell Shelia, I'll try to take better ones next week! lol!!!

Silly me did not take the flash off!

See you guys soon!


tardevil said...

Congrats on your new job! You are blessed to have such a wonderful view & good salary. I'm happy for you!

Ma'dame French said...

Raxx you look great;) and those views aren't bad either;) Any jobs up there for me because apparently I need one now;( Hugs French xoxo

Bridget said...

Thank you for sharing your new views with us. I am very happy for you that you not only have great views but you are making a great salary too. You are a very lucky lady in this economy. It warms my heart to see one of my favorite bloggie buddies doing so well.

Lacia said...

I tried to leave a comment before, but not sure if it went through.

I don't know how I found your blog, but I did. Love the city views and the ocean views from your office. I've been to Trinidad a few times (I live in Canada), and I got married there as well. My husband is Trinidadian...born there, but moved here at age 3. Seeing your pictures brings back lots of memories. It's been 9 years since we've been there.

Anonymous said...

you sound happy, any cute guys, i know you married and all, but hook a sister up

Anonymous said...

See it didn't take you long to figure out how to work and blog. LOL Let me say how proud I am of you for stepping up to the plate and telling them what you are worth to their company, most women, including me, sell themselves short when ask what they expect for a salary. Good for you. And what a view from your office. Wow, girl you have it all.


Anonymous said...
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squawmama said...

Look at that smile on your face... It says it all my dear Raquel... The views from your office are incredible and I know having a good environment makes it much easier to be happy at your job... So you must be ecstatic... I am so happy that you got the money you wanted that is half the battle of job hunting... I know you’re happy and excited about your new adventure in the work place...


Jessica said...


What beautiful views and I'm so happy that you have found a good job & making great pay! You deserve it~

This is cartwheel worthy!

Hugs~ J

Bo said...

Hi, you are already living the executive lifestle! The views would keep me from getting any work done...I'd be daydreaming.
Best wishes for your new career...
;-) Bo

Anonymous said...

OMG!!!! AHHHHHHhh! WooooHooooooo!!! I had no idea that you got a JOBBY!!!!! (CLAPPING MY HANDS AND JUMPING UP AND DOWN!!!!) I am so glad that you are happy with your job and your salary! I know it would happen for you! You look great too! The views are to die for!

I am so happy for you!

I miss you too!

Donna Marie

Smilingsal said...

That's an impressive building you work in. I'm glad that you're making a good salary; I always feel as if that's an unfair question too. You never told WHAT you do.

The Diva shot can be quite difficult. A flash ruins it, and some bathrooms are just too dark.

nikkicrumpet said...

I'm so glad you love your new job! And with views like that I can see why! I'd have a hard time concentrating and getting anything done!

Buffie said...

Oh wow, I'm thrilled for you!!! My goodness, I'd love going to work with those views to look at all day!
Mike was laid off two weeks ago, let me tell ya it bites!

Buffie :)

Anonymous said...

Wooo that's a great view!

All that worry a few months back about getting a job - see good things do happen!

It's funny how you all look at 'the ocean'. Of course to you it IS an ocean, either the Atlantic or Pacific or Indian depending on where you are.

We just have piddly little seas around us! The North Sea, Irish Sea and even the piddlier Englsih Channel. Not an ocean in sight.

You look very professional in the 'loo' pictures!

Mama said...

Raxx I am so happy for you, it sounds like you are liking your new job, office, views (beautiful) and salary (way to go girl), enjoy and good luck with the rest of your studies, big hugs, Kathy.
and YAY! a Bathroom Diva :-)

Justine said...

How can you get any work done? I'd be gazing out the windows all day! What kind of work are you doing? I know you've said, but I've forgotten!

Justine :o )

artis1111 said...

Raxx, I love seing the places where my friends live and work! I can't wait till I go back to the island too. It has been cold and rainy here. They are calling for snow Mon. night. Take more pictures. Kathy

Lynette said...

How beautiful Raxx - those views are to die for!! I wouldn't get anything done!! I look out over the dump and the A/C return!! The noise on trash day is awful!!
Good Luck to you!

Putz said...

wow just when i get the idea to have my son do some opivtures just for you, you out do everybody and send some pictures to make us all jealous. well ia m jealous....want to overlook the water...reallly pics on putz are so the oppsite of yours, we live in different worlds...i have deseret with absolutely no water

Bridget said...

Hi Raxx, We just had the kick-off for our Super Bowl so that means that the majority of American t.v.s are now tuned to football. That gives the wives some time to read blogs. lol
I'm sorry you are feeling pooped out but hopefully you'll get used to the new routine. Maybe the paycheck will help ease the pain.
James Taylor and Janis Joplin are both oldies from my high school days but both pretty famous here. Beth Orton is not well known here but I don't listen to a lot of female singers so I didn't have a famous one to list.
I hope you get a good night's rest so you are ready to face a new week. Have a good one, Bridget

Anonymous said...

Raquel! I am loving the new blog look! (Glitz & Glamour)

I fell over when I saw your comment. (LOL) Intense??? (LOL) I just posted because I felt like it. I miss evryone.

Tell me all about your new job via email.

Donna Marie

Tootsie said...

goodness! I'd never get any work done with that view!
I am so glad you are getting some good things going in your career!
have a great week pretty diva girl!

SchmeckyGirl said...

Oooh what a great view!! I'm so happy for you, especially the salary! Woo hoo! CONGRATS!

Deb said...

Hi Raxx! Whooooooooo! Hoooooooo! Great job girl. You really are a go getter! I love that you're so happy and getting PAID! You are one who really deserves it! DO YO THANG! Deb

mrsben said...

(Been away for a vacation, so I'm still playing catch-up in Blogville. Haven't been ignoring you.)

Woohoo.....I am so HAPPY for YOU!
Stated on your previous post (re your new job) "You're moving up girl" didn't realize it was also with such a beaaaautiful view. (Trinidad is on my 'to visit' list for sure.) There is nothing like having your own money in your pocket so you can purchase those high-heeled outrageously priced shoes....ha, ha.

CONGRATULATIONS again, as you so deserve it. Hugs, hugs

Life on Bonnie Lane said...

I am so happy that you are loving your new job! I think that with a view like that, I'd never get any work done. I just love being able to look out a window and see water!


Jessica said...


You make me smile everytime you come by~ I hope everything is going well w/your new job!

Big hugs~ J

Jill said...

Hey Raxx.. Congrats on your new job! I am so happy for you!

You got deleted from my blog roll somehow! I am sorry I havent' been by! you should have yelled at me!

Jill :)

Mama said...

Hello Sweet Raxx, you had me giggling, I saw a comment that you blog during your "lunch hour". Thank you so much for your sweet comments and I love when you stop by, I hope you are enjoying your job and hope you get the time to post again as I love your posts, it must be nearly Carnival time?. Kathy.

david mcmahon said...

THAT is the view from your office window? Can we organise a swap.

(I used to be a cricket writer, so your country would suit me just fine, thank you!!)

Jessica said...


Thank you for kind comments on my little garden~ I can't wait to see what you do with yours!

Hugs~ J

Anonymous said...

Hey Worling Woman.. hows the J O B ???? Hope all is well.

Talk to you soon!

Donna Marie

Shelia said...

Hi Raxx! Oh, I'm so proud for you having a great job! Your view from your office is so beautiful! Oh, can I use these pictures for Diva time!? I'm so glad you're doing well, Dear One!
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Shelia said...

Hi Dear Raxx! Make sure you come to see me on Wednesday, Fed. 11, I'll have your crowned as a Diva!!
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Terrie's Lil' Piece of Serenity said...

Hey, cutie! Congrats on the awesome job. How can you get any work done with those awesome views. I would be day dreaming instead of working. Thanks for sharing with us. I am so.. proud of you!! Hugs, Terrie

Kristens Creations said...

Congrats on your new job!! The views are amazing!

You are lucky to live by the ocean where it's warm all the time. I'm jealous! I swear I'm going to move by a beach someday, even if it's when I'm old! lol. Kristen

Jill said...

I know you are busy with your new job but you are too quiet over here!

julia said...

Way to go on the new job. Love your blog

Shelia said...

Hi Raxx! I was so proud to be able to crown you a Bathroom Diva!! Oh, poor thing, I'm so sorry you've gotten sick. I was hoping that ole fever would pass. Take care of yourself and drink O.J. and eat chicken soup!
Be a sweetie,
Shelia :)

Jessica said...


I've missed you. :) Hope thhings are going well!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Hugs~ J

Melissa Miller said...




Mama said...

Hey Raxx, hope you had a wonderful Valentines with your loved ones, hugs, Kathy.

Anonymous said...

Hey you little Cutie, where in the heck have you been. I never see ya anymore. How's the job going? I saw where you were sick, are you ok now? Check in once in awhile. I miss ya.

Love Ya,

Mrs. B. Silly said...

How's the new job? Are they running your ragged? Do you get to look out the window ever?

Tootsie said...

hey. the next few posts are inspired by you for my blog. Many of the questions you left me since May of 2008 are finally getting some answering!!!! see you soon

Tootsie said...

girl...I have a post coming up that is Q&A....mostly made for you...It will be up I think in the next couple of days...I pre-scheduled a and now I can't remember!!!! how blonde is that!