Friday, January 9, 2009

Out of embarassment comes good, and awards

I wanted to tell you about Tobago, I wanted to go there for a weekend, better yet, a week, I wanted to take some fab pics, the kind of pics that would make you want to jump on a plane and fly to Tobago, (with a stopover in Trinidad with a bag of goodies for me, hey, I'm spoilt now, blame Kathy/mama).

You do know that we are a twin island state right? yes we are two islands, one country, so we are Trinidad and Tobago, Trinidad is all about the hustle and bustle and Tobago is all calm and serene with amazing beaches, it's two hours away from Trinidad by ferry or 15 mins away by air.

I am speaking about Tobago because many celebrities visit Tobago, recently Queen Latifah spent Christmas on the island, and despite the fact that she had an amazing time, her jewelry was stolen, she lost US 10 000 dollars in jewelry, I personally was very embarrassed by the incident, and it made international headlines and of course was spoken of widely at home.

But Queen Latifah showed her class when she appeared on Jay Leno's show recently, she did not have one negative remark to make about our twin island state. I have to say she impressed me.

Take a look:

I promise to take you guys to Tobago very soon, definitely this year, I did not go there all of last year and Tobago is definitely calling my name.

On to awards, so far for 2009, I have received two awards, this one

from Lynette of Lynette's LAM Blog, is my very first award of 2009, Thank you so much Lynette for thinking of me! I must admit I was not very good at receiving awards towards the end of 2008, between studies and job hunting I just could not receive awards as graciously as I should, for everyone that bestowed awards on me, last year and I did not receive them as I should I apologise and I promise to be better this year.

I also received this award from Donna at Adventures With Tassie, Thanks Donna this award is really cute! The purpose of this award is to give it to someone who is showing gratitude or a good attitude ("if life hands you lemons, make lemonade") within their life or blog.
The rules:
1) put the logo on your blog
2) nominate at least 10 blogs that show great attitude and/or gratitude.
3) have your 10 pass it along to 10 more!
thank you ladies for these awards! If anyone in blogland would like to own any of these awards, please take one or both with my love!


Shelia said...

EVening, most beautiful One! Oh, congrats on your awards and I would love to go traveling with you! I'd love to come to your island and visit you. I would bring you some goodies. Maybe some cake, too! lol
Be a sweetie,
Shelia :)

Mama said...

Oh yes please Raxx I would love to come to Trinidad and Tobago with you, I have more goddies :). the video was excellent she did have a wonderful time in Tobago it sounds a beautiful fun place. Congratulations on your awards my friend you so deserve them all, hugs, Kathy.

Penny said...

I would give anything to be with you in either Trinidad or Tobago! We would have a blast I am sure of that. You are the coolest chick ever. :-)

Awards are so much fun to get but a bitch to deal with. Too much like chain letters. Sorry to be so blunt. Oh but of course you totally deserve them! LOL

Have a fun weekend!


Penny said...

I just had to make my way back to tell you how cool I think your header pic is. Your son is so adorable. Please stop his growth right this minute as he is just too cute to grow up on us.

Hugs, Penny

artis1111 said...

I know what you are saying. I am thinking about Vieques but the economey has me not going right now. Kathy

Tismee2 said...

Please can I come too? I will be very good and will bring you babies heads and pickled onions and Marmite from England!

I never knew that Trinidad was the busy one and Tobago not. Se the power of blogs - they are educashunal too!

Smilingsal said...

I'm a Jay Leno addict, so I saw Queen Latifah talking about "limen." It's a shame about her loss. Congrats on your awards.

Helen said...

I think all of us (bloggers) should meet in Tobago!

Jessica said...

Hello friend~

Can't wait to go to Tobago with you....wait a minute I hear's calling my name, too! WOOHOO!

Hugs~ J

mrsben said...

Raxx, a trip to Tobago or Trinidad sounds like FUN! Now knee deep in snow and frigid temps, you don't have to twist my arm...smiles. (You're about five and half hours of flying time away which includes a stop over in the Barbados. Mmmmm maybe next year? Heading for Mexico on the 18th.)

Re Queen Latifah and her stolen jewelry; it is unfortunate that it happened but it's better than being mugged in Toronto (Canada).... or New York City. She wasn't assaulted and probably it was insured.


Raxx - A day in the life said...

So Tobago it is! We'll 'lime' day and night!!

Chris said...

I've watch the Travel Channel about these islands, they look so serene. I'll probably never see them though, Idon't like ships or planes. sigh. that's why we have a RV. :) But, you're welcome to join me there.

Love Ya,

Bridget said...

Good morning Raxxy, Thank you for being number 51! Are you fishing for another prize package? LOL
I hope you are having a lovely weekend and you get some time to just be limin' I didn't know the Tobago was the vacation spot. I want to go with that stop over to see you!
Hugs, Bridget

Bridget said...

I was lucky number 13. I tried to be #13 on Justine's last post but Buffie beat me to it. I don't know if I dare rub it in to Justine that I went over 50. lol

Ma'dame French said...

Congrats on your awards;;;;You know I love to vacation and travel so WHEN we come that direction we will definitely have to get together! How cool would that be? Hugs French;)

Bridget said...

hahaha I'm going to blog my little birthday but I am slow. That's the way it goes at my age. lol

Bo said...

Hi Raxx...what an exciting trip that would be...and to get to visit you would really be special. I sure am sorry to hear about Queen Latifah being robbed...and I'm glad she was so gracious, because such a thing could happen anywhere. Congratulations on your well deserved awards! ;-) Bo

Shelia said...

Afternoon, Dear Raxx! Hope you're having a good weekend! Did you ever take a job? I was thinking about that last night and couldn't remember. I'm getting old, ya know.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Justine said...

Hmmm... I left a comment, but I don't think it went through. I've never been to Tobago, but have heard it's beautiful. The closest I've been is Aruba, and that was amazing!
Btw... I couldn't see the video. It wouldn't work for me!

Justine :o )

Donna Marie said...

Hey Girl... I just read your message over at Krista's... and on my post. (Ya got my throat all lumped up...) My Mother's Alzhimers takes up a nice big chunk of my time... so when I am not around.. I am tending to my parents. I miss you alot and I will be back on track real soon.

Donna Marie

ps..cant wait to see Tobago though your beautiful eyes.

The Liberty Belle said...

Congratulations on your awards. I found your blog through Deb's and must say I've enjoyed my visit! Incidently, Tobago sounds like the getaway for me!

nikkicrumpet said...

Congrats on your awards...and PLEASE take us will probably be the only way I get to see it! I love finding out about your country and all the cool traditions and stuff. It's like mini vacations! And with 10 degree temps and snow snow snow...the beach is calling me too!!

Anonymous said...

Queen Latifah did not loose much weight but she looked beautiful as usual, though that hair style is a bit played out

Shelia said...

Morning, Beautiful One! Now I've been thinking - you haven't snapped for me yet, have you? Anytime you're ready - I'll make you famous!
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

SchmeckyGirl said...

Hey woman! I want to go to Tobago! Actually I just want to go anywhere warm right now.

I really like Queen Latifah. She has class.

Congrats on the awards.

Lynette said...

Take me pleeeease!! I love the beach and the island and the rum and the. . . well you get the picture!! When you go, you better take lots of pictures for us!!

Tootsie said...

you can have as many photos as you like! I have dozens more that I have not put on the blog time is of the essence here lately!
I one day hope to visit your islands...they are beautiful!