Wednesday, September 24, 2008

OK What happened yesterday, Some party huh!!

I have a hangover like something else!! My head is throbbing, I remember telling Kieth that I was going out with Donna for a few drinks and would be joining the rest of the gang, as a pre-birthday lime. woooooww! It's all coming back to me now, the cake the music, the CAKE!!

Now i know why I did not bring any (chocolate?) cake home for the kids!! Justine where the heck did you find it, wait you said you made it? I hope to God your kids were at school. Boy you ladies could party!! Deb thanks for the ride home, you make a great designated driver!!
Buffie, while I appreciate the ten rounds of 'happy birthday' each in a different key (10 versions of OFF) I swear your voice is still ringing in my head!! I remember Shmecky trying to steal my lovely silver and black cake, mumbling something between Janet's nonitas about painting it pink! well it's on my blog now and you still cant have it!

Kathy (HSWT) thank you for the crown, maybe I'll save it for Keith when he turns 40, yeh that's right i gots me a younger dude!! ha! Frenchie dont get your panties in a knot! I was saving my bucket list for when I turn 4-0 ok??
Artist Kathy, I thought it was because I was drunk why the portrait you painted of me looked a bit 'aged' but damn girl!! I see it now and WTH????
Mama, girl you were front and center with the stripper!! you could party like somthing else!! Chris fear not I survived!! Toot Toot Tootsie!!! Are you back home yet? Thanks for making the trip!
My sweet Bridget, girl you should see me now, the stale make up and the bags under my eyes, dont look so hot now, trust me!!
Penny you got there a bit late but you shore did not waste time on the 'chocolate' cake, it was a fight to the death between you, Justine and Buffie!!
Kady girl the party was rockin'! But i got cake for you girl!!
Anyone who missed the FAB! party put on by my super, beautiful, thoughtful, darling friend Donna, check it out I could not ask for a better way to ring in my FABULOUS FORTIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Buffie said... head, my head! LOL! It was a blast and a half I tell ya! Now pass the asprin!!!

Lisa said...

Im such a loser. I missed what sounds like the most fab party ever. I suck.

Well, better late than never:

Mrs. B said...

Happy Birthday!!!!! Sounds like you had a really fun party! I love the black cake with the poka dots.

Anonymous said...

Hey there Birthday Girl! How's your head??? :) I am so glad that you loved your "cyber" par-tay!

Big Hugs!!!! What are you and the family up to tonight?

I sent you a message earlier, I dont see it....


Justine said...

happy official b-day girl!!!!!!!!!!!!

Justine :o )

nikkicrumpet said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY WOMAN! 40 ain't so bad!!! Especially not when you have a younger stud muffin to chase you around the table!

Life on Bonnie Lane said...

Glad you had a great time at your party! It was a lot of fun. The cake was delish! And Penny, Justine and Buffie were so eager to get to that chocolate cake that they didn't see that they dropped a chunk of it, and it was MINE! MINE I tell you! (I so need to find a date!)

Hope you make the most out of your fabulous 40s!


Bridget said...

Don't worry Raxx, once you finish throwing up, I'll touch up your makeup and you'll be good as new!

Braincoral said...

I hope you enjoyed your birthday!!!!! Does this mean you have to change the name of your blog?? LOL.

French said...

Donna is the hostess with the mostess~~~~ Hope you had a blast we sure did!! French;)

SchmeckyGirl said...

LOL! A hangover! Too funny. I didn't get to go back to the party after my first visit. Must do that now...
Glad you had fun! That was so sweet of Donna. See? Who needs RMS!?!?!?

mrsben said...

Da*n, Da*n, Da*n....I missed another party. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!!!!!!

Darrin said...

Holy crap, look at that cake!! Awesome! I love that it's black! LOL!