Friday, August 22, 2008

Help Me Choose! Not what you'd expect!

So we are in the month of August and in Trinidad that means band launchings! Let me explain; our biggest, brightest yearly event is our Carnival held sometime between February and March, well long story short all the events culminate in two days (Carnival Monday and Tuesday) of revelry in the streets of our capital city (Port of Spain) where we wear costumes of all descriptions and dance and prance behind slow rolling trucks blasting music either live (a live band in the truck) or from a DJ. If you wear a costume you are a masquerader and a masquerader plays mas!

I love carnival I have been playing mas since I was 5 years old, I just love being in a fantasic costume, hitting the streets and dancing to the music!

So this is where you guys come in, I would like your help in choosing my costume this year, I have some pictures of me in costumes over the years which i shall post in a later blog, for now i will show you my options for this year's carnival celebrations and i would love to know what you guys think!

This is the costume i played mas in last year!

I will be hitting the gym hard when school reopens because ladies you have to be in shape for these costumes not so much to look sexy, but to get road energy to keep up behind those darn trucks, we really walk for miles in the blazing sun!

so here they are:

Do you guys notice a theme here? I love cosutmes with big wingy things at the back! I will post some that I think are quite horrid as well at the end of this post, those are just bikinis and beads and show no creativity whatsoever.

I up until i was 35 I played in costumes like these, then i got a little more conservative with my choice of costumes, however since this is the year of the big 4-0 I decided to go a little daring for this year only! hence the sexy look of the above costumes!

At this time my favorite costume designer has not 'launched' yet, so i await his offerings for this year with bated breath, it is his costume that i chose last year! When he launces it will be a whole other selection process, there are a few other bands that have not launched their costume designs as yet so the above costumes are my picks thus far.

My horrid costume pics are as follows:

These costumes cater to the 20somethings who want to show as much skin as possible! Sexy Sexy!! But they are not for me, I just find them boring.

I tried to make add this video but no luck! This video will give you guys an idea of how the revelry is on carnival day. I got it off you tube, the quality is not so hot but take a peek if you like!

I will be blogging like crazy for the upcoming carnival season so at the end of it you guys will feel like you played mas right along with me!



Life on Bonnie Lane said...

Those are awesome! I clicked on the video and it was fun to watch, and I also clicked on the Carnival part 6 2007 video and it showed even more costumes. The ones near the end were especially elaborate. It looked like people of all ages and body sizes had fun getting out there and dancing, and that was very cool to see.

I don't know if I could decide among all your choices! They are all fabulous! I'm kind of partial to the blue one though. I love the wings in the first one, but not the bikini so much, and your arms would get tired from having to hold the wings up. The one in the gold and the red are awesome too!

Can't wait to see what you choose!


Bridget said...

The ones in the horrid collection look pretty hoochie with nothing but the bikini and beads. I like all of the others, it is so hard to pick one. I really like your choice from last year too.
I'll be looking forward to playing virtual mas with you. I'm afraid my figure would not look so good in one of those costumes. I'm better off on the sidelines...there aren't enough hours in the day to get me in shape for one of those before Carnival!

Donna said...

Hey Girlfriend! I love the blue one! I can't wait to see more pics! I'm all excited! lol

My laptop is still on the outs..... I'm still on my palm.... :) Thank God for phones with internet! I would be going through blog withdrawl by now!


French said...

They are all amazing but I am partial to the gold one and the blue one! YOu'll look awesome no worries;) French

Raxx - A day in the life said...

Kady glad you enjoyed the video! It really is fun for everyone!

Bridget I know the horrid section is totally lame, but they have their fans. I must have a theme to my costume!

Donna I love the blue one too! I had a power outage today, so i played hide and seek with the kids, otherwise i might have been in a corner sucking my thumb because of blog deprivation!

Thanks Frenchie, I got to lose some mid section but at the end of hte day it is all about having mad fun!!

Penny said...

This is going to be so much fun Raquel! Shoot, I want to come! Yep, you best be in shape for these costumes. There would be no hope for me.

Okay, it's a clear decision for me between the blue and the gold. I love the others, but the wings are too big and cumbersome I think. I like the gold because quite honestly I like the back skirt and might want to give it a little tab or two where I could make it come all the way around the front if I wanted (hey, I'd need a back up plan in case I didn't work out enough), no wings to hold up, the beautiful gold color against the beautiful brown skin, and the feathers that make her look 10 feet tall! I'd wonder how heavy that head piece is though. Then I like the blue because oh my gosh I love that color and it looks easy to move around in. Can you make the gold feathered outfit with the back skirt in any color? I love the gold, just wondering.

Loved the costume you had last year.

On my 40th I traded a cadillac for a jeep wrangler. Talk about a STUPID mid life crisis! Kept it a summer then got back to normal and bought a jaguar convertible. It was used, but it was a much better midlife crisis car! LOL

Justine said...

Ooh girl, I LOVE the blue one, and with your skin tone it would be AMAZING! BUT OMG, some of the women on that video should have covered themselves up a bit. But hey, I guess some women are more secure with their bodies and don't care if they have a bit of fat flapping around.
This just looks like so much fun, but where do you find the energy to dance for hours on end in the heat? And is it at all choreographed, or you just shake it like you feel it?
I want to see pics of you in past costumes NOW!

Justine :o )

Justine said...

Oh! One more question, and tell me if I'm out of line. No, screw it, just answer my damn question! how much does one of these costumes cost?

Justine :o )

Raxx - A day in the life said...

Penny your midlife crisis had me rollong with laughter! Mostly because I would love to own a Jeep! but now, not so much! LOL!!

I love the gold too! the back skirt is awsome! but the head peice might be a bit much.

Justine the blue looks most road worthy right now! Girl the energy comes from a big breakfast and red bulls and water!

Actually full figured women are a norm in the Caribbean and they wear their costumes with pride! According to Frenchie 'no worries'

these costumes can be expensive! my costume last year cost in USD $550.00

Lisa said...

I like the first costume with the grean and blue. My fave so far.

artis1111 said...

Oh I love the Blue amd the gold. Why cant you mke your own. That would be fun!!Kathy

Raxx - A day in the life said...

Thanks Lisa
Kathy making your own does not entitle you to be part of a band for the music and food and drinks all day that included in the cost

Janet said...

My vote is for the gold... I can tell that you would look just awesome in it! and by the way, I think you must be pretty fabulous, especially if you have the "cojones," as we say in Texas, to show off your body in such a beautiful way at ANY age (and yes, we use that phrase for women as well!). So, I think you should be "embracing" fabulous 40 and not fighting it! you look hot!!

Penny said...

Thanks for stopping over! I know you're about to hit the gym and all, but if you have that camera handy when you fix dinner sometime this week, shoot it for us. I love food, and I know you fix some really tasty dishes!

PS I like the way you spell forty better! Let's just change the way it's spelled, just like most people changed tonight to tonite. Okay, my vote is in to keep it!

Penny said...

PSS I wonder if cajones are boobs?

Raxx - A day in the life said...

Oh Janet!, trust me i aint that hot! but we are very comfortable with our bodies here in trini so you dont have to be perfect to go out there and take part in our national pastime! not to mention a large percentage of our masqueradors are tourists! so if anyone's interested............

Lordy Penny your PSS almost made me choke!! I laughed so hard!! If that were the case then i aint got much of it!

I think cajoonas is the same as chutzpah or spunk!!

Shelia said...

Hi Raxx! Look at you, girl! What colors on those costumes and hour glass figures! Have a beautiful Sunday!
Be a sweetie,
Shelia :)

Janet said...

okay, ladies... for those of you who are NOT Texan... "cojones" (co/hone/es) are, ahem, well, "balls"! Actually, it's Spanish -- I'm pretty sure vulgar Spanish -- but we borrow a lot from the Spanish here and can get away with saying it. Raxx hit the nail on the head. Spunk, chutzpah, that's exactly what it means. and it is a compliment, especially to a woman 'cause goodness knows, ladies, we need them every now and again, right? I have gotten less inhibited and prudish as I've gotten older -- which is a good thing -- but I do admire a woman who struts her stuff and looks SOO good doing it. and I'll bet Raxx does it with a hell of a lot of class as well as just enjoying the heck out of it!

would LOVE to visit Trinidad someday -- have cruised by it many times but never had the opportunity to stop. hope to do so soon, maybe during Carnival!

and Suzanne update: She's fine, just unable to send any e-mail yet. Hopefully Mike can help her with that this evening. He's still in the hospital, probably till tomorrow. however, she can post comments on blogs and might try to do something on hers later. She went home from the hospital yesterday for a while and ended up spending the night at the house -- thank goodness! dang, she was like the walking dead yesterday when I dropped her at home. but she left her computer at the hospital so that's why no communication from her. She's rested and back to herself today... woohoo!

Janet said...

oh, and my vote is to keep "forty" "forty." That is how we spell it in the U.S. I know that Britons often spell things different than we do in the U.S. i.e., cheque/check, centre/center, etc., but I didn't realize there was another way to spell forty. wow... learn something new every day!

Raxx - A day in the life said...

Janet it would be great to have you guys here during carnival. It is just one big street party!!

I'll finally get to try the Nonitas!

Thanks for the update on Susan, i'm glad she left her laptop, she will rest without the temptation to blog!!

I always spelt it forty as well, because i saw it as fourty on some blogs I thought that was the American way to spell it!

Penny said...

Sure Raquel, it's pretty easy. After you slice up the okra just cover it with milk and a beaten egg. I put it in the fridge for about 15 minutes. Then I pull it out and roll the little guys in a mixture of 1/2 corn meal 1/2 flour. I season this mixture with whatever seasoning you like. I like cayenne pepper, paprika, garlic powder, onion powder, black pepper, salt. I like things spicy so I'm not stingy with the cayenne! You can also season the corn meal and flour mixture with curry and lemon pepper and that's darn tasty, but I love curry and some people don't. Poor people!

Hey, do you ever do fried catfish? I use seasoning number one for catfish and then make a mixture of light mayo/curry/lemon juice. Then I slice french bread to make a catfish sandwich using the curry lemon mayo. You'll be saying OH MY GOD! :-)

Oh yea, both recipes are fried in a skillet with vegetable oil.

Penny said...

Oh, my husband likes fried grouper sandwich and I do it the same way as catfish. I guess all white fish can be cooked this way.

We just need some fresh mangos and some tasty cole slaw for sides!

Shelia said...

Morning, sweet beautiful Raxx!! I might get chopped up if I had the money and knew the results would be good. Honey, you don't need nooooooooo chopping! I still can't wait to see your'll be the prettiest one!
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Braincoral said...

Hey girl, I now saw this post. Are these costumes frontlines or regulars? And put the names nuh!

mrsben said...

Tough decision, as all the costumes are beautiful. Being a sewer I'm impressed!!! I would give anything to apprentice in making one or get my hands one one to dissect to see how they are made....smiles. I do love the gold one because of the natural feathered head-dress,
skirted panel flap and overall detailing. (I'm guessing it is probably the highest priced.) I also am fond of the first one as the fabric/effect for the wings is exceptional!

In Toronto (Ontario/Canada) about a five hour drive from where I live, each year they have a Caribana Festival which usually is held the first week in August. It's a BIG tourist attaction, and the lineup of events and awards are similar to yours. Only attended it once, but it was GREAT FUN!!!